Letter Grades:

0 incorrect        =         A+

1-10 incorrect   =         A

11-19 incorrect =         B

20-26 incorrect =         C

27-30 incorrect  =        D

31 or more incorrect = F

AISOM Grade Submission Form
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Type your course name and how many you got incorrect out of 100 or 60 or whatever and your letter grade and comments, if any.  

Old Testament Survey, 5 wrong out of 100 = A or
Environmental Analysis, 15 wrong out of 39 = B

Regardless of the number of questions there are for each course exam, the actual grade for the number of incorrect answers remains constant according to the grades in the above listing.
  The "For Further Study" section will give you plenty to study within a month's time if you finished a course sooner than a month.  If you study properly, it should take you one to two (1-2) years to complete all 22 courses.  Students who finish their courses too soon reflect negative credibility issues when transcripts are forwarded to other schools. No multiple submissions are permitted.  Rushing to get finished should not be your goal..  You can graduate no earlier than one (1) year after your start date so take your time.  You need to post your final exam results for each exam as you take each course.  no more than one (1) to two (2) courses per monthThe average study period should be 

Please Note that you must submit your grades in the form below. We must have the course name and letter grade.
First and Last Name: 
E-Mail  Address:
You will not receive a confirmation. Please keep a record and upon graduation we will request any missing grades
Grade Example: Old Testament Survey, 5 wrong out of 100 = A 
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