Sorry to say we are not available 24/7 and you may be trying to contact us when our offices are closed as you may have some immediate questions comments or concerns, we suggest posting them in the AMES Student Group forum at  where your fellow students can interact with you and may be able to provide some answers. You may also go to the Contact Page to ask us a question if you have not found it elsewhere. Google is a great place to research a biblical question.

        This form is for you to submit a report of your study progress.  We love hearing how you are doing. This is not a requirement but we enjoy receiving them.

Student Study Report
This is not a requirement
Call Toll Free  (800) 899-9620
"Discipling Nations For Jesus Christ"
AMES International School Of Ministry
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Post your Study Progress Report here.  List any questions or comments you might have and inform us of the progress you are making as you are going through the courses. A paragraph is fine. We read all of them however you will only receive answers if you ask a question.
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