Congratulations on Completing your courses!!


If you are graduating from the Free Program:

1.  E-mail us to let us know that you are finished and how you want your name to be printed on your .pdf Certificate.

2.  Make sure that you have sent in all your grades.

3.  Once we receive all the above information, you will receive your .pdf Certificate by email that you will print as your own copy.

4.  If you enjoyed your courses so much that you are wanting to switch to the Accredited Program to receive your official printed certificate and transcript worth 87 credits at this time, you will need to pay the $440.00 administrative fee in full.  Please -  CLICK HERE

(You may wish to print this out to more easily follow the process.)

1) Please submit an email to us of how you want your name printed on your certificate and your most recent address to secure that we forward your graduation documents to the correct address.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your documents.  You may also wish to visit our Ames Store for novelty items with the Ames logo.  Visit:


2) If you are planning on enrolling at Ames Christian University, in your email please request that a copy of your AISOM transcript be sent to Ames Christian University.  There is no charge for this service, and an email request is fine. 

3) The first step in enrolling at ACU is for you to decide on a concentration for your application for admission.  You will need to choose a major concentration for your degree and you can choose from any of the ACU degree programs.  Click on this link to see the concentration choices:

4) Once you have chosen a concentration you will need to apply for admission to Ames Christian University.  Please complete an Application for Admission by visiting the ACU Web site at ( and click on "Click here to apply " on the front page.  You will then be automatically sent to the application page  Then click on the Undergraduate Application Link and fill out the application, then select your concentration and submit it. You will be taken to the payment page to pay your $20 application fee.

5) Upon receipt of your Application for Admission and your transcript, ACU will then send you your enrollment paperwork by e-mail for your approval.  This will include the ACU Enrollment Agreement and your Degree Completion Plan (which is your academic map for all 11 courses you will take within the concentration you have chosen to receive your BBS degree).  Once you have reviewed the digital copies of the Enrollment Agreement and the Degree Completion Plan, and approved them, you will then need to sign and return one copy of both documents to ACU by fax or mail along with your $30.00 fee for your Degree Completion Plan.

6) Upon our receiving your signed Enrollment Agreement and Degree Completion Plan, you will be ready to register for your first ACU course.  We will then e-mail you an invitation to enroll with further instructions.  

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