It is mandatory for all AISOM students to enroll.
Students who do not enroll will not receive graduation documents.  

For Accredited graduation students, documents will include:
a white certificate with a blue and silver border
a school seal with red ribbons
a red certificate cover with a gold crest
an official transcript worth 87 credits with full security features
an AISOM student letter of congratulations

For Free graduation students, documents will include:
a PDF certificate only by email
no credits are awarded for Free students

All prospective students who do not have 87 biblical credits or a biblical degree from another school must take the 22 AISOM Harvestime courses to acquire a basic biblical foundation. This is especially required for students who expect to continue their degree at Ames Christian University.

AISOM does not have scholarships because at $20.00 per course, that IS the scholarship price.
Financial discount incentives are provided when any student pays their full tuition within one week of enrollment for which a 16 GB USB of the courses with many extras is free of charge. Financial discount incentives are also provided when AISOM graduates pay their tuition in full when entering Ames Christian University.

As the AISOM Harvestime courses are all self-paced, that means that all students can leisurely take the courses but all students are required to study with us for at least one (1) calendar year from the date of enrollment.  No student is permitted to graduate BEFORE one (1) calendar year transpires from the date of enrollment to the date of graduation as these dates will be reflected on the official transcript.

No self-tests are to be sent in or mailed. They are ONLY to prepare students for the final exam.

All Exams are to be done online and all students are required to submit all 22 AISOM Harvestime course grades by email. All exams are to be taken "CLOSED BOOK" so to speak and students are expected to abide by the "HONESTY POLICY".

No exams or grades are to be mailed by the U.S. postal service. Grades only are to be sent by email.

Students are expected to choose a responsible proctor for administering and grading their exams. They can be a pastor, a parent or guardian, a teacher or a relative but all proctors must be adults over 18 years of age and be a person of maturity, wisdom and integrity.  

Any student expected of cheating will immediately be expelled from the program and will not receive any credit for grades from courses taken or payments that have been made.

We do have systems in place that alert us when a student is being dishonest with their answers or reporting their grades.

Students are expected to submit grades one at a time and not more than two (2) grades per month.

No student shall graduate from AISOM unless all tuition is paid in full, all 22 grades have been submitted and student has completed all courses beyond the one (1) calendar year requirement.

All students are expected to contact us in writing by email to notify us when they are done with the program (all grades must be submitted and tuition must be paid in full.) All students are to send us their exact full, current mailing address and how they want their name on their graduation documents.

Please be advised that AISOM students are permitted to begin taking courses at Ames Christian University to complete their BBS degree when they have completed at least one (1) module of the AISOM courses, have turned in their grades for the completed module and have paid the AISOM tuition in full.

Wishing you God's very best during your academic journey with us.

If you have any questions or concern, please feel free to contact me.

Kindest regards, God bless you and thanks for studying with us,

Pastor Laura Rizzo, Director of Admissions / Co-Founder
and the Ames Support Staff Team ><>

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